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Training Log for 2020


Thursday, 2 January 2020

I walked to the Trailhouse. They closed for New Year yesterday, and always close on Thursday.

'Splains why they haven't called.


Saturday, 4 January 2020

I'm sorry I didn't decide to put up with my old baskets until I could get to a bike shop near Nappanee. I can't have my bike until Tuesday because the baskets were caught up in the holiday shipping snarl.

But I did get another walk finding out.

And Wednesday is predicted to be a good day to resume training. Have to wait a week for the next expedition.


Sunday, 5 January 2020

I did a couple of vertical loops through the church, walking briskly.


Friday, 10 January 2020

I rode the bike home on Wednesday, and yesterday I rode about two miles to Zales, where I bought a bottle of Vitamin D, and stopped at the teller machine in front of J&B's Furniture on the way back. I can lean the bike against the building, and re-assemble my wallet on a shelf installed for that purpose. The shelter part of the building is made of glass, so I can keep an eye on the bike while fiddling with my wallet.

Wet today through Sunday.

I need to cut off the excess clotheline. The holes around the top of my new panniers are too small to let me wrap a bungee around the wire, and a piece of clothesline would look neater.

Until it gets dirty. Pity I didn't buy green clotheline instead of white.

[Eventually, I got around to wrapping the wire with the sisal rope we took off the room-divider spindle. It looks rather neat, and does the job better than clothesline would have.]


14 January 2020

To Meijer! First ride of the year.

I don't really count riding the bike home from the shop, or dashing to Zales to buy D3 capsules.

Google says that the unintentional side trip into Fairlane Drive brought the return trip to an even six miles. My notes say that I finished packing and left Meijer at 16:17 and got home at 17:03. Forty-six minutes. 7.8 mph.

And I tried hard only on Sunset Drive, where the pavment is good, traffic is light, and there are few intersections.

I was in Meijer from 13:29 until I sent a text at 15:46, after checking out and using the restroom, but before starting to put my clothes back on.

The text I answered had been sent at 15:44, so typing took less time than I thought at the time, particularly considering that I had been washing my hands when the phone chirped.


29 January 2020

The scab came off my road rash today. I credit A&D with zinc oxide for loosening it. Also I scrubbed it (gently!) with a plastic pumice while showering this morning.


Monday, 3 February 2020

Yesterday, I climbed all four staircases twice each, and did pushuplets twice.

Also tried to walk fast on the way to church. I need to practice nurse-walking more often.

On Tuesday 21 January 2020, I rode hard from Walmart to . . . someplace, but the slip of paper vanished, so I couldn't calculate how fast I was, and now I've forgotten where I made my first stop. Perhaps it was the emergency room, since I did my hard riding on Sunset.

Last Thursday, 30 January 2020, I pottered around in Warsaw, never getting any closer to downtown than using Detroit to get from Winona Avenue to Market Street. I began at Walgreen's, proceeded to Zale's, and bought appropriate bandaids at Zale's, so I never made it to CVS.

Then an unplanned stop at Warsaw Health Foods, where I bought a whole bunch of candy, Speedy Express, where I bought a polish sausage on a hot- dog bun, then discovered that there is no place to sit down. San José for jalapenños and a poblano, Lowery's for needles (I forgot that I intended to inquire after dressmakers), an hour in Dollar General, then a twenty-eight-minute ride home.

2.5 miles, 5.4 mph.

Other slips:  The ride I took on the seventh of December is thoroughly written up under "9 December 2109", but the dash to Zales and the ATM on the ninth isn't written up at all.

The seventh slip was still around because I hadn't Quickened the note that I put five dollars into a Salvation Army kettle.  I'm going to toss the slip written on the ninth.

That leaves the dump tour taken on Tuesday 14 January 2020.  I appear to have forgotten to strike off the slip when I was done with it. Could it be that the missing slip for the twenty-first was thrown out instead? But I looked in the wastebasket.

Up to date! I'm leaving the house tomorrow, but by car to pick up fizzwater. Friday may be a halfway decent day for riding.


Monday, 17 February 2020

Climbed all staircases yesterday, three ups and three downs from fellowship hall to sanctuary, four ups and four downs on the stairs leading to the balcony, and some pushuplets.

Saw two boys riding fat-tires down the steps on Ninth Street on my way home. I was walking in the street; nobody shovels the steps.


Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Dump Tour, five hours

Found a good cat-feeding dish at Goodwill. I think it was a bon-bon tray.

I came back past Fribley Field. I pulled off the road to look at the "parking lane" a newspaper story had mentioned, and got a text from Dave when I was exactly in front of the posts that were left behind when they took out the pay phone I used to use to call for help. But he'd put his phone on the charger and didn't get my reply.


Saturday, 15 February 2020

Sprawlmart Tour, five miles, three and a half hours

Been a while since I've been to Sprawlmart. I went and came back by commerce & Frontage.

Been studying the map. If I go to Indiana Restaurant Supply next time, it isn't far from Man Cave Motorsports to a place where I can cross 30 and get to Tractor Supply through parking lots. It would be quicker to return to 250 E and use Wooster, but finagling 30 would be a change of pace.


Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Dentist, about five miles, about four hours

Left home at 10:13, for an appointment at 11:15

Arrived at 10:45

Still had a pair of sweatpants to remove when the hygenist interrupted me at 10:55

Checked out at 12:09

Finished dressing and left at 12:28

Was in Dollar General plaza from 12:54 to 13:21

Was in Sherman & Lin's from 13:32 to 13:51

Got home at 14:02

Eleven minutes from S&L to home. Google says it should have taken me seven minutes to ride the 1.3 miles. My solar calculator says that was seven miles per hour.


24 February 2020

Reverse Dump Tour, six hours, ?? miles

Depart 1018

Animal Welfare League from 11:40 to 11:52

Tractor Supply from 11:58 to 12:50

Passed Vicky Lane at 13:33

Goodwill from 14:01 to 15:10

Zales from 15:35 to 15:52

Home at 16:10

After turning west, I heard a noise like something blowing out of my pannier, so I stopped and looked back at the ditch, then checked my cargo: all the cans of cat food were still there

When I entered Goodwill's parking lot, I saw a broken stick pen, picked it up, looked for a trash can -- and remembered picking up a transparent plastic single-serve whiskey bottle while walking up the hill before that turn. It was no longer in my pannier.

Well, dumping a bottle I'd picked up left the road exactly as I'd found it. Except for not being the same road.

Google Maps says 9.5 miles to AWL.

16.1 miles to Goodwill.

I'd meant to eat at Wong's, but I was too tired at this point to enjoy it, and definitely too tired to ride an extra half mile to Panda Express, so I ate one of my emergency bars and went home.

19.0 to Zale's

21.0 home

Two miles and eighteen minutes from Zale's to home: better than six miles per hour. Not bad for a last leg.

I had a pretty stiff headwind any time I was going west. But not a lot in the way of hills, though I walked at least two.


Tuesday, 25 February 2020

I found a slip saying that on Saturday, 8 February 2020, I aborted a trip to Walmart on account of snow, and went to Lakeview Plaza instead, where I dumped a couple of cans at Our Father's House and bought some cat-feeding dishes at the other thrift store.

Today, I walked to the bank to cash a check, and stopped at the church to re-fill the ice trays, which didn't need it. Couldn't quite get all the ice into the bin. I went up a ramp and down a flight of stairs, but didn't think of climbing for exercise.

Pretty day for a walk, but worrying. Also a lot of wet places on the streets, but the snow hadn't started to stick. I took an umbrella, but it stayed in my attaché case.

Five inches of snow predicted for tomorrow.


Saturday, 29 February, 2020

Rode to Duck Down and Above. They aren't open on Saturday. I no longer remember what my notes mean. I was gone from 11:28 until 17:53, and spent an hour and twenty minutes in Walmart.


Saturday, 7 March 2020

Drat! I was in such a hurry to leave Walmart that I forgot to write what time it was. I think it was 18:18. It was just 18:00 when I was about to bite into a really yummy submarine and Dave texted to say that it was nearly sunset. So I gobbled and ran. I got home at 18:59, with about half a minute of civil twilight left.

And I find that my phone has translated all those times into DST. This is not good design. The time stamp on a message should be the time it was when the message was sent. Or if not, at least it should specify the time zone!

At any rate, it took me less than an hour to get home from Walmart and Google Maps says it was 5.5 miles. So I averaged better than 5.5 mph.

A bazaar at the United Methodist Church gave me the plan for Saturday's ride. Fool around downtown a bit: drop off some mistakes at Our Father's House, buy some stuff at Carniceria San José, buy all of Lowery's Super Snips and find out that they don't have a list of dressmakers, stop at the library, see the newly- opened Board and Brush, which turned out to be a sign-painting school, with hardly anything for sale, then go out Leiter and have lunch at the bazaar. I also bought a bar of beeswax, which is now in the south arm of the futon.

Having had a satisfactory lunch, instead of going by way of Silveus Crossing, I rode the Chinworth Trail to 350 W.

Instead of taking 300 W 400 N and coming back on 150 W, I decided to brave the gravel road from Fox Farm to 150 W. Just asked Google to measure it: 1.33 miles. I've seen the road in worse condition, and I did manage to climb all the hills by bike. Well, most at least -- it's been nearly a week before I got around to writing, and I'm not sure.

But it would have been *much* less tiring to go a mile north and come back a mile.

But that made the newly-paved, all downhill, practically-deserted stretch from 150 W to Tippy Downs very sweet.

I dismounted at that point, because I can't get more than halfway up that climb at the best of times, and right now there's a very high cliff at the edge of the pavement. In retrospect, I'd have been much better off to get to Walmart by cutting through Tippy Downs, then come back up the gradual slope to look at the roundabout.

And I be groggy now; I'll knock off writing for the night. (Besides, it's almost time to feed the cat and do my nightly exercises.)


Tuesday, 10 March 2020

For a while this week, it looked as though I had my choice of partly cloudy, with ferocious wind, and all cloudy, maybe damp.

Today's prediction says that Saturday will be definitely damp, and still says Friday will have seventeen mph wind. But it will be mostly sunny with temperatures rising from freezing to 47. And it will be 38 degrees before I could get rolling.

I hope Duck, Down, and Above has some good Friday specials. I'll know tomorrow evening.

Sunset at 7:45 today, civil twilight until 8:13. No more worries about losing track of time!


12 March 2020

My map for tomorrow's ride worked out neatly: when I folded it in half lengthwise, the outbound leg was all to the right of the fold, and the return leg was all to the left.

Alas, the confit meat has sold out.

Now to write up Saturdays 29 Feb and 7 March to clear out my notebook.


13 March 2020

I messed it up by making the ride a figure eight: I stayed on Jalyn and went up west of 15, then came back on Old 15, crossed at 400, and rejoined the route I'd mapped out.

10:37 leave home

Arrived at post office at 10:44, bought a book of twenty stamps.

11:16 - 11:26 E.R.

11:55 - 12:24 Goodwill

12:34 - 12:38 adjust scarf at bench in front of BioMet

12:53 - 13:00 Tippy Downs Gazebo (sent text)

13:20 crossed 400 N

13:30 crossed 500 N

13:39 turned onto 600 N

13:45 - 14:55 gravel on 100 W

14:04 - 14:20 Duck Down and Above

14:29 - 14:59 lunch at Freedom Express

15:06 - 15:56 Dollar General

16:21 reached Levi Lee

16:35 - 16:39 sent text at 400 N and Prairie

17:06 turned off 400 N onto 200 W

- Lake Street Plaza (I think I sent a text)

18:11 - 18:47 Owen's Market

19:02 home.

Looks as though my typical time for a mile was ten minutes, which would be six miles an hour.

I appear to have thrown out the map.

I'm writing this on 20 March 2020; I didn't know on the thirteenth that it was my last chance to go somewhere on my bike. The duck store has closed for the duration, and I'm not allowed to go in anywhere anyway. Tomorrow I'm forcing motivation to go around the south end of the lake and have a picnic at Tippy Park.

I don't plan to put my ham sandwich on ice.

But I found a heavy silk turtleneck in the mending and darned it. I don't remember acquiring it.


21 March 2020

Heavy rib-knit silk was quite warm. I truncated the ride -- probably ten miles total.

11:40 left home

11:55 turned off Widaman onto 225 S.

12:02 225 S becomes Country Club

12:27 - 12:32 looked at dam, talked on phone

12:55 turned off Washington onto Market

13:02 turned off Center onto Hepler

13:21 continued off Zimmer Lane onto Chinworth Bridge Trail. I met a family of dog walkers who seemed disinclined to avoid me. I held my breath as I coasted past.

13:25 - 13:48. Lunch at tippy park. A truck pulled into the parking lot and stopped. The driver remained inside. Waved to me as I left.

Sitting still with a breeze on my back, I needed to put my windbreaker on. Continued wearing the linen scarf. (I had put a silk scarf and a wool scarf into the same bag I carried the windbreaker in.) I didn't take the windbreaker off when I left, but instead zipped it up and tied the drawstring.

My hands got very cold while I was eating and seemed disinclined to warm up when I put my gloves back on. Also my planned loop had very little appeal even after I snipped off the zip up to Walmart and back that I'd added to make it closer to twenty miles.

So I hadn't gone up 350 W very far before I turned around and went back the way I came. I went through town instead of around the lake, of course. Sherman and Lyn had a sign up saying they had toilet paper. I was inclined to stop at the Trailhouse and order a new saddle, but that would have broken isolation.

I think my hands were warm again before I met the same dog walkers coming back, not too far from the fence around the CCAC. This time I rode off into the lawn and dismounted until they had passed.

Also caught up with another family on the south- going part of the path, not too far from where it turns east again. I followed them for a while, then cut across a sharp curve to get around. I don't think I left a track in the lawn.

There were two cars parked at the bridge. I suspect a connection with the two sets of dog walkers.

15:06   Home.

About an hour and twenty minutes for the trip back. That was a tad over six miles. About four and a half MPH. Not too bad considering I paused to read the signs on a few doors, and 1.8 miles of it was on a MUP.


7 April 2020

In the evening, I rode the flatfoot around in the neighborhood.

Climbed enough staircases on Sunday that my legs hurt that night.


Monday, 13 April 2020

Yesterday I climbed all the staircases and made a vertical loop through the narthex and the basement. Got rained on coming home. It didn't cut loose until I was almost here, but I came in with a mostly-soggy shirt. Oddly, my pants were more than half dry above the andles, and the wet spots were only damp enough to iron.

Dave left the garage door open, and said that he didn't know I could run.

Thursday looks like a good day to drop a stoneware bowl with some cash in it in front of the animal shelter, in aid of the fifty-six chihuawas extracted from a condemned building.


<3> Thursday 1 May 2020

Two cans of cat food and a twenty-dollar bill, shortest route, out Pierceton, back Wooster. Gone about an hour. I climbed the easier end of Chestnut Street to get out of the valley, and saw Martha when I passed her house.


9 May 2020

155.6 pounds


20 June 2020

Calloo, Callay, O frabjous day!

A real ride on my real bike!

I rode to the fairgrounds, bought a bunch of daikon for eight quarters, realized that I'd overlooked a few cans of cat food and a poop scoop in my right pannier, and rode home.

I took the potatoes out of the left pannier and put them into the fridge as soon as I got the green light.

And I took a shake-down ride around the block the day before yesterday.

My notes say that my last two rides before the operation were to the animal shelter on Friday, May the first, and to the farmers' markets on Saturday, May the second. If I recall correctly, I only observed the courthouse market from a distance, and didn't even ride past the fairgrounds market. The customers at the courthouse struck me as extremely rude -- nobody was wearing a mask, and everybody was eager to get close.

It seemed like a lot longer than one month and twenty days of confinement.

The biopsy was done on the seventh of May, and the unexpectedly non-trivial operation was on the eleventh.

I weigh 159.2 pounds with clothes on. I should weigh myself just before I leave for my colonoscopy, hungry and dehydrated.


22 June 2020

Morning: 157.4 pounds

Bedtime: 154.4


23 June 2020

Morning: 152.8

In bra, panties, and socks: 153.2


25 June 2020



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