Training Log for 2018, January – June


4 January 2018

And I still haven't set wheel outside.  Been a day or two when the roads were clear on the other side of the bridge, and that isn't very far to walk, but I've had other commitments — and I haven't yet darned my alpaca tights or patched the silk ones.  It's been too cold to make do with "fleece lined" footless pantihose, synthetic-and-cotton tights, and sweat pants.

The "wool" socks I bought at Aldi have proven to be quite warm.


7 January 2018

One mile walk, two stair climbs, two sets of pushuplets.

Not a lot of coughing.  I think I'm nearly down to my normal winter hack.


9 January 2018

It's warm enough that I wouldn't need to put newspaper sleeves on my feet — were it not that I have to walk through snow to get to the street.

I'm planning to wear my alpaca tights over the "leggings" I ate breakfast in, with wind pants just to be sure I don't snag them on the bike, a long-sleeved "twinkle twinkle" slopping-around shirt (I hope it won't show, but if it does, it has a pocket for my cell phone.), and my jacketing woven jersey.

Also one lambswool scarf under a linen scarf, mystery-fiber gloves, and my thalidomide mittens.  Uh, "lobster-claw" mittens.

With luck, I'll go the whole six miles to pick up my library book, and stop to shop on the way home.


29 January 2018

I did that, but not long after I got sicker than ever. and didn't make it out on the bike again until I rode to Owen's and back on the twenty-fourth.

Yesterday I went to church for the first time in weeks.  I forgot to do any stair-climbing, but I did come down the walkway on Ninth Street, the ice being all gone.

I'm hoping to do a dump tour tomorrow.  Haven't done any advance work on it.  I did thumb-test my tires a few days ago.

I hung dish towels etc. on the line last Friday.


Saturday, 10 February 2018

Old note found.  Appears to have been a dump tour with a side trip to the library.


11 February 2018

Walked to the bank last week, walked to church last Sunday and today.

After church I climbed to Club 56, went back down, and did it again, which left me out of breath.  I should be doing breathe-fast exercise once in a while.  Also did twelve pushuplets before going back to the basement and suiting up for the trip home.


13 February 2018

A quite successful trial run, though I forgot to put it on the big ring and eat stem for a few seconds somewhere along the line.

Suspecting that Lincoln Street would lead to a slick path, I took Harrison, and was surprised at how much simpler and quicker that route was.  Also saw a new-to-me red line leading to the ER that was quite faded and dirty.  Must have been a while since I didn't take the scenic route.

I made up for the distance not using Lincoln saved when it turned out that the asphalt leading to the boardwalk was quite impassable in the shoes I was wearing.  The only sign that there was a road under there was one set of very deep boot prints.  I presume that the boardwalk was at least as bad, but turned around as soon as I saw the condition of the asphalt, and took Harrison to Sheridan.

Sheridan does not intersect Park.  I probably took Cook Street to Arthur.  Rest of route as usual.

Ha!  Google's first choice in routes to the ER is the route I took!  2.1 miles.

That took thirty-three minutes, including an unknown time spent in Owen's.  3.8 mph.

From there to Goodwill was thirty-three minutes, non-stop.  5.4 - 2.1 = 3.3  One tenth of a mile per minute, 6 mph.

Halfway through the above calculation, I broke off to eat some excellent egg rolls I bought at International Foods on the way home.  Whereupon I discovered that my tea had worn off and I was too sleepy to eat.  I had one small eggroll, a spoonful of boiled spelt, and rather a lot of raw cauliflower leaves and stem.  I'm going to try to stay up until nine o'clock/twenty-one hundred hours/two bells, so I can feed the cat.  Also so I won't wake up at three and be unable to get back to sleep.

I've got two start times from home because I forgot to put on my wind pants.  Didn't take long to wonder why my knees were cold!  And I've got two start times from Goodwill, because I forgot to hook a bungee and it got into my spokes.  The hook was held firmly in place by by a bit of bungee stretched to twice its length and wedged into a space half as wide as its diameter.  So I walked back to Goodwill to find a comfortable place to work on it.  Plucking at the fuzzy end of the broken bungee with the pliers I carry in my wallet finally did the trick.

Attempting to cut the bungee got me nowhere at all.

I'm tempted to comment out the above two paragraphs out of embarrassment.  Luckily, none of my meatspace acquaintances read my training log.

Had to undress at Panda Express.  On the way there, I smugly reflected that it was sunny and not too windy and Panda Express leaves the outdoor furniture out all year long.  I forgot that they have no reason to shovel it.

I left Meijer at 14:30 and left Sherman & Lin's at 15:31. I don't think I stayed in there very long.

Not the route I took, but the variance is that Google says two sides of a rectangle and I took the other two sides.  8.5 miles minus 5.4 is 3.1 mph, plus the distance to Panda.  In addition to the uncounted minutes in Sherman & Lin's, I walked the full length of the one-way driveway to get out of Meijer plaza, and had to wait a while for a chance to cross Anchorage.

9.7 miles total.  Plus some distance coming back for my pants, going to Meijer Plaza and back, and a few rods of backtrack getting the bungee out of my spokes.

I think this counts as half the distance to Leesburg, and I wasn't particularly tired — before the tea wore off — so I think that I can go to Duck Down and Above on the next clear-road Friday.


20 February 2018

Two one-mile walks.  I forgot to stair climb on Saturday.  I remembered on Sunday, but got careless about standing still, which I felt on the way home.  Didn't help that the boots that had been essential for the walk up were unnecessary for the trip down, which made me feel how stiff they are.

I tried using my cane in unison with the bad leg, and each step hurt less, but walking overall was more awkward.  Pity walkers can't materialize and dematerialize at whim.  It's much easier to not practice limping with a rollator, but it's a huge clumsy thing when one is not using it.

I was extra careful while doing the wash on Monday.  Today I sat at the ironing board to pin the hems in the new sheet.  I did stand while pressing the turn-under, but walked back and forth some.  (These are ten-foot hems.)— My hip hurts today, but I think it's the normal background ache.  Almost an itch.

I have an appointment in April for a Medicare check with a PA or NP — nurse, I think.  Must start compiling a list of complaints.


21 February 2018

I sat on the floor to darn a sheet, and got up in serious need of the walker.  It walked off pretty fast.  I was going to comment that not limping still takes too much attention, but got up and took the walker for a short brisk walk, and it's much better.

Weather Underground says Monday will be partly cloudy, warm, and zero inches of rain.  I'm up for a trip to Walmart as a warm-up for Leesburg, but I have only a week and a half of fish oil.  Ah, down 175 East to Aldi is a quite reasonable way to come back from Walmart.  Nearly fifteen miles; if that doesn't hurt, I could go twenty miles the following Friday.  If it's dry, and the prediction for Thursday suggests that it won't be.  By the time the Wednesday E-mail detailing the Friday specials comes in, I'll know.


22 February 2018

I'm plotting a route to Walmart that avoids Sunset and Arthur, which are under Pike Lake.  Comes to 21.5, according to Google, which would definitely mean that I could to to Leesburg on the next clear Friday — if I don't hurt myself.

Snipping from the end:  to 400 E and Fox Farm is 13.5 miles.  To Walmart is 9.6.  So if I'm feeling tired, I could cut off two miles by (gasp!) going back the way I came.  And I would pass the deepest end of Sunset on my way in.  If it's passable — might be warm enough by coming-home time to wade to the sidewalk — I could cut the length to 14.6 miles.


27 February 2018

Lovely day for a trip.  I brought my sweat pants back in my pannier, and even took my gloves off for a while.

I'm sure I'll run out of waypoints while trying to persuade Google Maps to tell me how far I rode.

I wondered why Google Maps was open when I came back from attending to the wash.

I discovered that my neck was sore at nap time, and it bothered me in the afternoon and evening.

Been using the walker some.

Dried the sheet outdoors, but thought it unwise to stand long enough to hang out the rest (c.f. "easter incident")


28 February 2018

Neck was sore enough to interfere with some activities today.

I've opened the maps, but I see by the date that I've got to edit and mail the Banner before I start accounting for Monday.

Hip hurts now, but I have to pay attention to it to notice, and then it's more of an itch than an ache.  Been limping off and on all day.

Goofing off with Dave's computer didn't hurt my neck as much this evening as it did at noon.

Time to poke the fire.


2 March 2018

I have to pay attention while turning my head to the right to notice that my neck is still sore.  I hope this morning to get around to 'splaining why my neck is sore.

It's a gorgeous day out there, but I'm not in the mood to ride to Leesburg, and I'm not sure Sunset Drive is open to people who mind getting wet.  (Mostly it was really miserable out at the time I should have been preparing for a long trip.)

I was thinking of going to Warsaw Health Foods tomorrow, but I finally found the corn flour.  (It was hiding under the grits.)

And I sat down here to transcribe my notes, but it is a glorious day out there, and we need milk.  And the sun is behind the monitor I read maps on.

Fifteen minutes to ride to Owen's, fifteen to come back.  And I took the scenic route on the way back, since I didn't feel like keeping up with traffic on Park Avenue.

While climbing McKinley on the biggest cog, I felt that it was time to shift to the small ring, then realized that this was my chance to honk, so I switchbacked a couple of times, then found that at this higher speed I could ride straight without excessive effort

I thought of stopping at the Trailhouse on the way home, but couldn't remember what I want to buy there.

Bought meat to stew overnight for tomorrow's supper, but forgot to get anything for tonight.  [We had Boston Market barbecue pork.]

Woke up from my nap with my bad leg extremely sore.  Using the walker for a while worked it out.  I'm really hipped on having that walker!

Started trying to measure my route, got distracted trying to find out why the first leg I entered was checkered, with segments colored blue and orange with no two segments the same length and the boundaries between blue and orange in apparently-random places.  I had no better luck than on the other umpty-bump times I've tried to find out — the meaning of lines and symbols on Google Maps is top secret except for the "show traffic" codes — but I discovered that there is another map on the Web, called "Open Street Map".  This looks to be worth looking into.  "HereWeGo" gave up its virtues in order to look more like Google, and I haven't heard from it lately.

Open Street Map looks as though it could form a basis for the annotated map of the county I wanted to make last summer.  I've mislaid the paper map I was keeping notes on, but I can remember some of the data.

Meanwhile, back at trying to measure the way I went:

Fourteen minutes to Owen's.  Lets put in a temporary waypoint:  1.4 miles.  6 mph.

1.1 miles from Owen's to the lookout on Beyer Farm Trail, 13 minutes, 5 mph.

Nine minutes from the lookout to KCH.  Ten minutes from KCH to Aldi.  3.4 - 2.5 = .9 miles.  Don't want to calculate how slow that was.

Husky Trail wasn't all that bad.  There are curbs, to be sure, and the lane isn't wide enough to share, but after the roundabout there are left-turn lanes in the middle all the way to the end of the sidewalks.  After that it's narrow and no shoulder and hardly any space between the road and the ditch, but a steep downhill made it reasonable to take the lane all the way to a mailbox about halfway up the next hill.

I've been meaning to ask alt.english.usage whether there is a name for the place where a mailman pulls partly off the road to get close to a mailbox.

Walking on the narrow bank of the ditch wasn't comfortable, but it wasn't far to where there was a lawn instead of a ditch on the other side, and I crossed.

I don't think I'd like going the other way, but I believe that it would be possible to study the no-shoulder, narrow-lane climb before committing to it.  I don't think I'll like the northbound side much after weeds grow up in the ditch next summer.

Husky Trail north of 200 N is out of the question.  'Druther take that short stretch of 30 to get to Levi Lee.

Aldi to Goodwill, 25 minutes.  6 - 3.4 = 2.6 miles.  6.24 mph.

Goodwill to Meijer 6 minutes, Meijer to Panda Express 5 minutes, Panda Express to the trailer park, nine minutes (I walked on the sidewalk beside the one-way driveway), the trailer park (where I did not pause, except to write down the time, 13:48) to Sunset Drive, . . . 13:56 is the only time written down for Sunset Drive, and I spent considerable time there.  Which brings us to the sore neck.

I turned onto Sunset Drive, riding around a working truck (I've forgotten what kind), coasted almost to the bridge, then dismounted so that I could walk forward for a better look.  Instead of dismounting, I fell flat on my back.  This caused much distress for the driver of the working truck.

My first thought was that I had the horrible awfuls of the central nervous system, but later I noticed that my sweat pants were rumpled around the ankles.  The sensations were consistent with having snagged an ankle somewhere on the drive train when I tried to lift my leg over the top bar.  Since it had gotten warmer, I took the sweat pants off instead of trying to pin them tighter.

I thwacked my helmet on the pavement.  It didn't absorb any of the shock, but striking a smooth concave surface instead of a flat irregular surface spread it out some, and the headache went away in a few minutes.  I didn't notice any damage to the neck until nap time of the following day.  The sore neck interfered with some activities — notably sitting in Dave's computer chair — on the following day, Wednesday, then got better on Thursday, and today I'm not sure I can still feel it.

The three times I fell to the side (In seventy-six years, guys!), I credited the helmet with reducing injury to the neck by reducing the distance my head traveled.  This time I think it caused the injury to my neck, by forcing it to bend forward suddenly.

Throughout, it has been more sore on the right than on the left, and the residual is-that-a-pain? is on the right.  Was my contact with the pavement less symmetrical than I thought, or is that residual damage from the three previous falls?

Back to the maps.  I think it odd that 200 N is marked as particularly good for cycling, and even more odd that 350 N isn't.

7 - 6 makes it one mile from Goodwill to Walmart.  Oops, I forgot the side trip to Meijer and Panda express, but that was a negligible distance, so I shall neglect it.  Left Goodwill at 12:55, arrived Walmart at 14:10.  An hour and a quarter per mile, shopping and lunch included.  Did some walking in Meijer.  And walked back in after putting Branston Pickle in my pannier, because I had forgotten that I wanted some paper plates.

Walmart - 3533 North 150 East:  10.1 - 7 = 2.9 miles

Walmart - Aldi:  14.0 - 7.0 = 7 miles.  16:05 - 15:13 = 68 minutes -> 6.17 mph.

Aldi - Owen's, 15.2 - 14 = 1.2 miles.  17:30 - 17:16 = 14 min.  5.14 mph

aaaand I'm out of way points.  But above it says 1.4 miles, total 16.6.

18:10 - 17:44 = 26 min

I'm pretty sure it's actually 1.6 miles to Owen's; I must notice the GPS the next time I drive there.


6 March 2018

I'm pretty sure that I had noticed the sore nose when I wrote the above, but forgot to mention it.  One day I rubbed my nose and realized that my helmet had smacked my glasses.  A little later I realized that the nose was sore only on the right, so the blow wasn't symmetrical, therefore I'm not suffering residual damage from previous blows.  Whew!

On Sunday I walked to church, climbed stairs, and did pushuplets.

Washed clothes on Monday, and dried everything on racks and hangers.

I've been having trouble sleeping because my bad leg objected strenuously to rolling over.  Little trouble when out of bed, except that I'm aware of the bad leg, which sometimes distracts my balance.  One night, I got a strong zing down the outside of the bad leg every time I moved, but that tapered off and now appears, when it appears, only distal to the knee.

I had very little pain last night, and it wasn't at all awkward to get out of bed.

Sunset Drive is open, and Friday is predicted to be dry.  I hope there is something tempting in this Wednesday's e-mail from Duck, Down, and Above.


8 March 2018

I continue to roll right out of bed when I want to get up, and not much difficulty in rolling over.

Yesterday's e-mail from Duck, Down, and Above was same old, same old.  We could use a carton of chicken cordon bleu, but I'm having trouble working up enthusiasm.  Pity I can't think of anywhere to go on Saturday — it's predicted to be even nicer

It says here on these notes that I'm about to throw out that I did a Sprawlmart tour on March the third.  (3 March 2018, in case I try to Find this entry.)  I left at noon and got home at 15:32.  (It was meant to be a visit to a bazaar, but I couldn't find it.  I did learn that it's possible, but not easy, to cross Center in the nest of hotels.)

Which gives me a plan for Saturday.  There is supposed to be a Winter Market at the Pavilion from nine to one.  They didn't have any place to sit when I last attended a Winter Market, but I could go, take a lap — if it's going on; I got this reference from the same place as the bazaar — and go to Sprawlmart the long way around to see whether K-Mart still has the warm tights I wanted when I visited on the third, but didn't buy because they didn't have any price marked.  There was only one pair in each size — I'll want one of each, to wear one over the other — and at this time of year they aren't going to replace any warm clothes that sell out.

Cool!  I just called up Google Maps to see how long the Saturday tour would be, and it directed me to the pavilion by way of the Beyer Farm Trail.  That makes me realize that I could do a dump tour — I do have a magazine to dispose of — with a side trip to Center Lake Pavilion, then come back by way of 175 E, which hits Sprawlmart just at K-Mart.

Google Maps makes that only twelve miles.

How about that!  De Puy's front door is called "Orthopaedic Drive".  I'll have to look to see whether there is a sign the next time I pass.

Big whoop.  Coming back by way of Wooster road makes it 12.6 miles.  But allowing it to *not* go by way of Beyer Farm trail subtracted a mile.  And with three store-stops, half a quarter should be enough exercise.  It's still early in the season.

And I get another tenth of a mile because there's no way I'm going to turn left onto Detroit without a light when I can follow Park to Main.

I'm not at all sure that entering Detroit from Arthur is even allowed.


11 March 2018

I think that I glimpsed a stop sign while crossing Arthur — didn't think of it until I was passing the bus station/bait shop.  But if there isn't a "right turn only" sign at the intersection, there ought to be.

Google says a mile and a half to Owen's.  My notes say — nine minutes?  That's ten miles per hour; must be an error someplace.

I didn't note the arrival time at the emergency room.

3.9 - 1.5 = 2.4 miles from Owen's to the Winter Market.

Let's see whether I can make it route me by by Cook and Main instead of Detroit.

4.5 - 1.5 = 3 miles.  My notes say thirty-eight minutes.  4.7 mph, with an unknown delay at the E.R.

6.8 - 4.5 = 2.3 miles from Center Lake Pavilion to Goodwill.  11:20 - 10:59 = 21 minutes.  6.6 mph.

Way cool!  The instructions say "walk your bicycle" in the parking lot.  Sometime I'll have to look at routes where one actually needs to walk the bike.  They still say you get to Panda Express by stopping on 30 and flying over the ditch.  And it suggested going east in the westbound lane.

The signs are up on the new buildings north of Panda Express, and the ground is dug up where the restaurant along the driveway is going to go.

7.2 - 6.8 = .4 miles from Goodwill to Panda.  11:50 - 11:35 = 15 minutes.  1.6 mph.  I suspect some edge effects.

I paused at the intersection of Husky Trail and 200 N, and walked to a high point in somebody's lawn to check out the dip.  It looks as though pedalling hard on the downslope would get me nearly to the wide part before I started blocking traffic.  But I was out for exercise today, so I followed 200 N to 175 E.  (Not to mention that I was running on tea instead of a nap by then.)  (The tea worked very well; I was home before I got stupid.)

Harrumph!  Now Google starts avoiding US 30, and by going the wrong way on a one-way road.  It also directs me down Husky Trail right past the new Aldi to the old location.

I use Vicky Lane as a waypoint so often that I ought to start noting the time when I pass through.

Holy Toledo!  Google directed me to the correct Aldi from Vicky Lane, and almost by the correct route!  (It took me down Parker to the front door, when it is easier to continue on Husky Trail and go in the back door.)

11.2 - 7.2 = 4 miles from Panda to Aldi.  12:55 -12:20 = 35 minutes, 6.8 mph.  And that's with an un-measured stop at Husky Trail!

Took me quite a while to get everything I bought at Aldi on the bike.  It was top-heavy enough to make it hard to get off.  But it wasn't until I got home that I had to lay the bike down.

Out of Waypoints.  Hope I can get that address back in to continue!  Ah, just delete the waypoints between here and the start point, then switch start and finish.

Cool!  one click and it shows the route that I took!  Says it's a ten-minute ride; I took nineteen.

1.8 miles.  14:40 - 14.21 = 19 minutes.  5.7 mph.

2.2 - 1.8 = .4 miles from K-Mart to Big R.  15:36 - 15:30 = 6 minutes.  4 mph.

No spray bottle — except a huge one for bathing horses.

4.9 - 2.2 = 2.7 miles from Big R to home.  16:42 - 16.18 = 24 minutes.  6 1/4 mph.

4.9 miles plus 11.3 miles 16.2 miles.

I've got to go a little farther on my next all-day ride.

But I did get home in time to cook supper, if throwing a frozen pizza into the oven counts.


13 March 2018

Off today to buy more frozen pizza, by car.

I climbed only one flight of stairs on Sunday, but went a little bit out of the way on the walk home.

Hung a sheet out yesterday — that must be why my leg hurt in the night.  Had to re-hang it, and there is a lot of motionless and tense on a leg while one is putting pins every inch while fighting the wind.  Figured out why it was easier to hang onto the sheet while pinning than while attempting to straighten the accordion pleats in the hem:  while pinning, I hung onto the line, which kept the sheet from bounding up and down.

I ironed the hems of the sheet after bringing it it damp so that I could flop into bed immediately after hanging (on racks and hangers) the third load of wash.

Weather Underground says the next fit day to ride will be Friday.  I ought to get some stair-climbing in on Wednesday, but the weather chart doesn't suggest that I'll be eager to walk.


17 March 2018

The HTM ruler line and all my defined keys have vanished, That put me entirely off writing, but I've figured out how to sort of deal with it.  There's nothing that could possibly have severed the connection to ED.HTM, so there's no way I can get it back.

So in a much less cheerful frame of mind, I finally begin to document yesterday's glorious ride.

I got home so early and in such good shape that I could easily have ridden around three of the four segments of SR 15 I used yesterday, and the fourth segment, from Sheldon Drive to Clearwater Drive, was much improved when they rebuilt the bridge over the Tippy.  This information won't do me any good until we've eaten the thirty stuffed chicken breasts that I bought on this trip.

I left at 9:45, went back for my windbreaker and some paper towels, and left again at 9:58.  I wore one pair of silk tights, four pairs of polyester tights, and my windpants.  I'd have been more comfortable if I'd replaced two pairs of poly tights with the rags of my old wool tights.  I forgot that (a) I had other tights on over them and (b) that I wouldn't be taking my wind pants off.

When I undressed, one of the pins had a thread of my wind pants caught in its coil, and this time I had to ask Dave to cut the pin before I could get my leg out.  The pins are wearing holes in the fabric; it's past time to put elastic in the ankles.  I was thinking that I'd

AAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!— I've also lost access to the spelling checker!

I was thinking that I'd have to put in multiple rows of elastic to prevent billowing, but if I leave a half inch of ruffle below the elastic, I think that one row of elastic and a cord tied below my knee will do the job.

I wore three silk shirts, my ragged old "curry" linen jersey, and my windbreaker.  Also my lambswool scarf that I had as a child, held on with my orange linen-cotton scarf, and my mystery-fiber yellow gloves.

I was at the teller machine from 10:05 to 10:08.  Google Maps says that is half a mile, 4 mph.

I was at Our Father's House from 10:16 to 10:19.

Warsaw Health Foods from 10:23 to 10:38.  All I bought was a ninety-nine cent bag of sesame crunch, but the woman ahead of me at the check out had a very complicated problem.

I turned off Levi Lee onto Old Fifteen at 11:32.  Google says 7.6 miles.  11:32 - 9:58 = 1:34.  Subtract three minutes @ ATM, three @ OFH, fifteen @ WHF:  1:11 < 71 minutes.  6.4 mph.

I reached Hop Lore at 11:52 and waited for the train to pass until 10:56.

11:52 - 11:32 = 20 min.

10.1 - 7.6 = 2.5 miles from Levi Lee to Hop Lore.  7.5 mph.  Clear, smooth road, not too much hills — and I was racing a train.  Actually did a tad better than that, because I had to park my bike before I read my watch.

I reached Duck Down & Above at 12:11.  Didn't note departure time.  10.5 - 10.1 = .4 miles from Hop Lore to Duck Down and above.  I wandered about town for a bit on the way to DDA, but don't care to reconstruct it.

I ate corned been & cabbage at Stacy's from a little before 12:29 to 13:17, and poked around in Dollar General from 13:20 yo 13:32.  I bought a packet of three miniature "composition books" because the notebook I carry in my jersey pocket is nearly out of paper.

I got back to Old 15 at 13:40, reached Levi Lee at 13:57, and turned onto SR 15 at 14:08.  Pit stop at Walmart from 14:21 to 14:50, turned onto Sunset at 15:14, looked around in Chimp's Comics from 15:14 to 15:32, Sherman & Lin's from 15:45 to 16:09. International Foods from 16:07 to 16:22, home at 16:30, more-or-less.

Google says 10.8 to Stacy's, 11.4 back to Old 15, 13.8 miles to Levi Lee,

That's 2.4 miles in 17 minutes, 8.4 mph.  And I was *not* racing a train!— Maybe there was more downslope?

16.3 miles to Walmart.  2.5 miles from Old 15 to Walmart, 24 minutes, 6.2 mph, and I walked a long stretch of SR 15.

*** 16.3 miles to Walmart *** and I'm out of way points.

3.2 miles to Chimp's Comics, 15:14 - 14:50 = 24 minutes, 8 mph.

5.2 miles to home.  21.5 miles total.


20 March 2018

I noticed last night that I have very little discomfort when I roll to the right, and none at all when I roll to the left.  And getting out of bed doesn't hurt, if I put my good leg over the edge, then swing the bad leg while I'm pushing myself into a sitting position.

Still wish that my walker could appear and disappear, so that on long smooth stretches I could use it to practice walking without thinking "good leg, bad leg".  It's a pain to drag around when it isn't helping, so I tend to use it only indoors.

I'm trying to give up computer solitaire, because it makes my good rotator cuff hurt.  I've long resented that solitaire eats up time I want for more-interesting activities — maybe this time it will stick.

That wasn't a red octagon I glimpsed, it was a red circle.  On Friday I took a good look going out, and on the way back, I made a side loop to take a close-up look.  As I remembered, there is a side road that comes back to Park just before the one-way section.

Old note found:— Tuesday 20 March 2018.  Can't make out where I went, but I was out from 15:45 to 17:19.


27 March 2018

On Sunday, it was too cold to come home a longer way.  I did climb stairs and do pushuplets.

I took a dump tour on Saturday, coming back by way of Sprawlmart and Aldi.  Bought three water bottles at Goodwill.  The blue one was ninety-nine cents.  The two otherwise-identical red bottles rang up at two for ninety-nine.  I didn't ask.  The "round up" brought it to about what I'd expected to pay.

I also stopped at the animal shelter and found out what size pieces to cut my old quilt into.

I left home at 10:10.  Arrived Owen's at 10:22.  1.6 miles, 12 minutes:  8 mph.

Depart Owen's 10:24.  ER 10:39 - 10:41.

2.5 - 1.6 = 0.9 miles.  15 minutes, 3.6 mph.

Goodwill 11:07 - 11:22.

5.4 - 2.5 = 2.9 miles.  16 minutes, 10.9 mph.


I must not be slacking off as much as I think I am.

Forgot to mark arrival time at Panda Express.  Left at 12:08, walked back to Goodwill to buy the bottles I'd forgotten about while looking at clothing.  I didn't see the blue bottle until the second visit.  Also forgot to record arrival time at Goodwill.  Left at 12:24.  This forth and back brings my miles to 6.5

Passed the corner of Vicky Lane at 12:50.

8.5 - 6.5 = 2 miles.  26 minutes, 4.6 mph.

"— Oh, yes, this leg was into the teeth of the ferocious east wind, and I walked a couple of uphills and used low gear on a downhill.

Animal Shelter, 13:39 - 13:46

}} 8.5 to Vicky Lane.  At this point I'll roll Vicky Lane to the top and start over, since I haven't enough waypoints to make it to the animal shelter.

4.7 miles, 13:39 - 12:50 = 49 minutes.  5.8 mph.

Tractor Supply 13:58 - 14:19

4.9 - 4.7 = 0.2 miles.  Google actually shows me going through the parking lots!— I missed the turn they show me taking and had to walk a bit — I lifted the bike over a chain, after I verified that it was public on the other side.  Seemed to be intended to keep people from going out their unpaved back door.

Arrived Aunt Millie at 14:32.  Forgot to note departure time.

6.4 - 4.9 = 1.5 miles.  13 minutes, 6.9 mph.

Martin's 15:13 - 15:55.

9.4 - 6.4 = 3 miles.  41 minutes, including time spent at Aunt Millie, 4.4 mph.

Aldi 15:59 - 16:39

9.6 - 9.4 = 0.2 miles.  4 minutes, 3 mph.

Penguin Point 16:52 - 16:57

11.1 - 9.6 = 1.5 miles, 13 minutes, 6.9 mph.

Oop, no more waypoints, but I know that it's one point six miles to home from there.  And Vicky Lane was eight point five:

8.5 + 11.1 + 1.5 = 21.1 miles total.

I got home at 17:10.  Seven hours total.


5 April 2018

Almost Friday again; time to measure last Friday's ride.

slightly-erroneous map of trip to Leesburg

Friday 30 March 2018;  left home at 10:13

10:19 - 10:23  ATM


10:44 Main & Park

11:02 - 11:13  Goodwill

11:45 the bend in Clearwater.  (First patch of shade to read phone in.)

11:45 Old 15

12:08 - 12:11  stopped at 600N to watch two trains passing.  The one on the main track passed over the switch very slowly

12:18  Hop Lore

12:40 - 13:03  The note says "Map" or "May" or "Mag", but that has to be Duck Down & Above.  In addition to shopping, I had to straighten my back wheel, which had been rubbing on my chain stay.  Took a while to realize that it wasn't the brake.

13:08 - 13:50 Stacy's Sports Bar.  The special was a fish sandwich; I took home enough to make supper for both of us.  (Dave built a submarine on the bun.)

? - 14:04  Dollar General.  I bought two cans of chunk ham.  I went in looking for foam plates.

Blundered around trying to get out of town; finally found 675 N.  The street across from Stacy's and the Dollar General is School Street.  I should have taken the first right.  The map says the street where I turned around dead-ends at the cemetery I passed on 675 N.  Satellite View isn't quite clear enough to show that there is a fence.

The gravel on 75 W was in good shape.  There had been enough traffic to pound it flat, and the washboard was just starting.

14:40  I turned off 600 N onto 300 W.  North of this point, 300 W is gravel.

14:57 - 15:03  I stopped to peel off some layers.  The note doesn't say where.  (I thought I'd be transcribing it sooner than this.)

15:12  Turned off 300 W onto 300 N

15:16  Turned off 300 N onto 350 W

15:30  Crossed Chinworth Bridge

15:35 - 15:48 Chinworth trail is 1.9 miles.  That makes 8.77 mph — not bad for a MUP.  The sharp groove wasn't where I remembered it being.  Somebody should paint it yellow.

16:08  Market and Buffalo.  I had been walking a while by then.

16:33 - 16:39  Chimp's Comics.  Only comix to be had, no funnybooks.

Home around 17:00

It's 1.7 miles from Levi Lee to 600 N — most of that was beside a train on the siding, and I hadn't quite reached the engine.  Fourteen minutes:  only 7.3 mph.  I must not have been trying.

Now let us see whether draggable way points will allow me to measure this route in one swell foop.

Jawdrop:  It now allows me to cross Chinworth Bridge!

It might be that it would allow me to go through Zimmer's parking lot, but the distance is the same either way, so I won't meddle.

That isn't the way I went through Warsaw, but my notes are insufficiently detailed to correct it.

27.5 miles.

After pasting the map in, I saw that once again I'd forgotten to check all parts of the route after completing it.  When I was working on the northern part of the route, it used the gravel road, but after it went off the top of the screen, it flipped to go around it.  Dragging the waypoint to make it go on the shorter route changed it to 26.8 miles.  A casual, un-magnified check fails to show what else flipped.  I'm not going to bother to make another screenshot.


7 April 2018

This morning, I rode the flatfoot around the block.  At the Stone Camp turn-around I felt I'd done enough of those little short strokes.  Don't know whether I can stick on it long enough to do my rotator cuff some good.

The idea is that one can ride a flatfoot in whatever one has on, but I needed shoes and socks, then I went out to comb my hair and realized that two pairs of wool tights under my pants would be none too many, and since I had to take my pants off, I might as well put on the jeans that have pockets stocked with all my stuff.  Then I mean to wear my lighter coat, so I put my black turtleneck on over my slopping-around shirt.  All in all, I was dressing longer than I was outside — if you don't include the outside time I spent pumping up the tires.  Took a while to remember how to use the pump.  Judging by the setting of the gage ring, the previous time I used the pump was also for the flatfoot — fat thirty-pound tires transpire faster than skinny ninety-pound tires?

Also took a while to back the pedal-powered wheelchair out between the car and the cluttered wall.


11 April 2018

Still staying off the bike, but it's finally getting warm.  I'm getting so tired of wearing six pairs of pants!

I get at least some of the stitches out of my forehead the day after tomorrow.  Weather Underground says the next sunny day will be Tuesday, the 17th.


18 April 2018

Climbed some stairs on Sunday, hauled a little dirt to the asparagus bed today.


30 April 2018

On Wednesday, I pushed my walker to the church.  It was thrilling going up Sunday lane on the new pavement, walking fast enough to get out of breath.  And, I noted, I didn't slow down when I started puffing, as I do when just walking.  But coming back on sidewalks and the pebbled surface of Chestnut street was unpleasant enough to make me swear to ride the flatfoot hereafter, which I did yesterday.

I went up on Chestnut because it isn't as steep, but had to walk despite not stopping at the stop sign and pedalling hard as I approached the climb.

I climbed a staircase and did some pushuplets.

I turned toward the hotel upon leaving the church, then turned onto Eighth Street and went through the Grace campus to the branch of Heritage Trail, which has been improved since I last did this.  Google can't show me going through the campus, but the loop is reasonably close to two and a half miles.

Ye cats!— Google shows Wooster Road as being particularly "bicycle friendly" — and the green dots stop as soon as it becomes 7th Street, which is suitable for cycling.

And the other end of the green dots is at 250 E, where most of the motor traffic turns off.


1 May 2018

Back in the Saddle Again

It took me only eleven minutes to ride to Owen's this evening, even though I went back for a handkerchief after writing the time in my notebook.  My handy-dandy solar calculator makes that 8.7 mph.

It took twenty minutes coming back.  That's partly because I fooled around after writing my departure time, partly because I came back by way of the Heritage Trail, where it would be rude to ride fast, and partly because I forgot to note the time upon arrival.  Dave said that it was before eight, so twenty minutes is a max time.

I covered the scar with paper first-aid tape, and sweated enough that it was easy to remove it without stretching my skin.  I also wore my sheer scarf down over my forehead.

Trying to adjust my chin strap for the thinner scarf was a royal pain.  I tightened it a little more at every stop, and I'm still not happy with it.

It was about eighty out.  I brought ice cream home, next to a gallon of milk in a heavily-insulated pannier.

Chirp twitter twitter.  I think I'll go all the way downtown this Saturday.


11 May 2018

And after all that fussing and faddling, I had to re-adjust the extremely-inferior "parachute buckle" for a thicker scarf today.  Making the strap looser is even harder than making it shorter.  WHY DOESN'T ANYBODY PUT D-RING BUCKLES ON BIKE HELMETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was literally a milk run.  I didn't note the time at both ends of any interval.  I wore two silk rags and a polyester shirt under my windbreaker.  This was the first time I put a cell phone in the windbreaker's cell-phone pocket, and I had to move the safety pin.

Also wore silk tights, alpaca tights, and wind pants.  I didn't wear a jersey because I wasn't sure it wouldn't rain, and I haven't mended my wool jersey yet.

I thought that I'd wear my back-up gloves because it was too difficult to find my yellow gloves in the laundry bin — I'd been planning to put them away for the summer.  Then I remembered that the padded gloves that can be worn under yellow gloves were also in the laundry bin.

The notes begin with 1 May, so I think that I have all of them.

I did go all the way downtown on Saturday, 5 May 2018.  I also went to the Eastern Star craft fair in the women's building at the fairgrounds.  Lots of vendors, but no enthusiasm on my part for any of them or, indeed, for the rest of the trip.  I did buy some candy-coated saltines at the courthouse market, and stop for canned corned beef at International Foods on the way home.  Having cleaned out my panniers intending to repair the broken one (which is still being held together with a bungee), I forgot to take bungees and a map.  I missed the map, but didn't need the bungees, having remembered to put my bag of bags back.  Left at 09:23, got back before noon.

On the following Tuesday, I rode to Open Air Garden Center and bought onion sets, potato sets, and a basil plant.  Spent Wednesday working in the garden and Thursday sewing.  Friday, today, I bought milk.

I won't be riding tomorrow because I want to attend the Spring Interpretive Hike.


17 May 2018

Dump tour today, run backward so that I'd be sure to get to the animal shelter while they were open.

Heavens to Hermione!— On impulse, I turned onto Robby Road because I didn't like the looks of the next hill on 250E and the "Grace Village" sign convinced me that it would come out on Wooster — and Google Maps routes me that way without urging.

It says it's 3.7 miles; I took 34 min.  6.9 mph.

I stopped to consult my map at 300E and 100N from 11:36 to 11:39.  6 - 3.7 = 2.3.  21 min.  6.6 mph.

At Goodwill from 12:03 to 12:22.  10.4 - 6 = 4.4.  24 min.  6.3mph.

At Meijer Plaza from 12:27 to 14:15.  Ate at Panda Express again because both of the new restaurants had long lines.  I bought Branston Pickle and other weird seasonings.

Passed through Shamrock at 14:21.  I'll ignore the side trip to Meijer.

I stopped at the bus station/bait shop, which wasn't open, 14:32 to 14:35.  Cain't find it on the map.

I took a lap around the library to find and examine the new bike docks.  There were five bikes and five empty docks.  Then I went in and checked out two books.  14:43 to 15:46.  22 min, minus three minutes at the bus station, 19 min.

12.6 - 10.4 = 2.2 miles. 6.9 mph.

I was on the Beyer Farm Trail from 15:59 to 16:04.

I was in the ER from 16:06 to 16:09.

And Google Maps is suddenly unresponsive.  Okay, to the library was 12.6 miles.  I can re-start from there and add that in.

2 miles, 20 min, 6 mph.

In Owen's from not recorded to 16:43.

.8 miles, undetermined speed.

Home about 1700,

4.8 miles plus 12.6 miles is 17.4 miles.  I was shooting for twenty.  But I wasn't tired when I got home; I think I could go to Leesburg next Saturday — were it not that I don't need more chicken and there's a pretty good chance of rain.


20 May 2018

Spent Saturday sewing.  The sun came out in the afternoon and I rode my pedal-powered wheelchair to the bike festival.

Today, Sunday, no walk and not much of a wheelchair ride — I wanted to come home by way of the festival.  I did climb a flight of stairs and do some pushuplets.

Also rode back to the festival to buy a barbecue sandwich to take home and share.  But I didn't commute any farther than the freezer to get tamales for supper.


Thursday, 24 May 2018

On Tuesday, I rode to Owen's and back.  I also pushed the Culta-Eze around the garden.  I sewed on Wednesday.  Today I'm planning to have lunch in Pierceton.  Weather Underground says that tomorrow will also be sunny, but Saturday might thundershower.  Monday should be a good day for drying clothes.  I hope I've ironed last Monday's wash by then!

Lunch was dreadful.  The Odd Fellows Café added a disgusting amount of sugar to their formerly-delightful tomato soup.  I left at 10:49 a.m. and got home at 4:26 p.m.  I think there's an account of the trip in the Banner.


Saturday, 26 May 2018

Farmers' Markets and the Lake Festival.  The courthouse market wasn't there.


Wednesday, 6 June 2018

I hadn't, and still haven't.

My bad leg hardly hurt at all last night, not even when I rolled over or got in and out of bed.  I got out of bed thinking that maybe I'm in remission — then I found out that sitting down hurts.  It was hard to put my pants on, and I'm glad that I didn't intend to wear shoes today.

I haven't been idle since the last entry — my notebook holder is full of little slips of paper.  Most recent was an egg run on Monday evening.

The days will start getting shorter soon.  I'll miss being able to go out after supper, but it will be a while before sunset happens before I have to be home to feed the cat.

Grump.  Naps are usually easier than nights, but I'm rolling over with extreme care, and can't get comfortable.  Got a phone call after half an hour, and stayed up.

I pushed the cultivator around in the morning.  It's a small garden so that doesn't count as much walking, but they say that even little bits of exercise help a lot.


Thursday, 7 June 2018

After that horrible nap, I went to bed expecting the worst, but I had a comfortable night. and I didn't hurt when I lay down for an hour after coming back from today's ride.  But my hip hurts now.

Google says that the animal shelter is 5.4 miles by way of Faun Street, and Aldi is 9.9 by way of the animal shelter.

I chickened out of riding up Husky Trail to 200 N and coming back by way of 175 E.  And I really, really didn't want to cross 30 on Parker going west, and even less on Center Street, so I went to K-Mart plaza, with a semi-accidental side trip to the Visitor's Center:— 12.6 miles.

And 15.3 miles back to my origin.  Which wasn't at my house, since Google never lets go of that sort of information.

I probably added a mile by going to the teller machine before turning back toward the Heritage Trail.


8 June 2018

Pretty good night, perhaps because I took an aspirin after supper.  Hurt some at three, but I was back to sleep soon after four.  Aching now, but it doesn't hurt to walk as much as it did before I pushed the walker back and forth.  Hurts to cough, and I can't sit very long.


9 June 2018

A quite good night, but it was difficult to put on my pants and socks.  Haven't been limping and I didn't feel a thing on today's ride to the farmers' markets — except for a drop of rain that made me hurry home by the shortest route.  Still not raining; I should have gone by way of the Beyer Trail and stopped at Owen's for butter.  Hip aches when I sit at the keyboard.

On the way out, on Winona Avenue, I came to a spot where a utility company had dug a hole and filled it with loose gravel.  If my hands hadn't already been on the brakes, I would have crashed.  I was thinking that I had committed a gross violation of "leave room to dodge to the right", but there aren't any options on Winona Avenue.  I rarely follow Winona any farther than I absolutely have to.

On the way back, I discovered that on this side the excavation also extended from the fogline-drawn-by-mistake-for-a-lane-divider to the edge of the pavement.  I saw it in plenty of time despite being distracted by looking for the hole I'd encountered on the way out.

I did stop at Sherman & Lin's, and buy a fruit-and-nut bar and a "raspberry fig bar".  Also picked up chocolate-and-toffee coated crackers at the courthouse market.  The produce vendor at the fairgrounds market had sold out and gone home, so it's just as well that I forgot to bring the egg carton.  The craft vendor remained,but wasn't getting any business.

Naptime was so bad that I got up and took an aspirin.  Was able to sleep after that, but I need a walker to get around now.


10 June 2018

Slept well last night and at nap time.  My hip seized up while I sat too quietly through the service, but I did a stair climb and twelve pushuplets before going home.  While walking home, I had to think now and again about walking smoothly and symmetrically.  Found a banned book in the Little Library on my way through the park, and shielded it carefully with my umbrella even though the rain had stopped by the time I got there.  Undecided on whether to take it back when I've read it.

Sure hope I don't get an umbrella day and a bad-leg day on the same Sunday!

The dime has dropped, and I plan to crawl into bed instead of rolling into bed.  Habit tends to prevail when I get up, though.  Ouch!


Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Crawling out doesn't work as well as crawling in.

Didn't take aspirin with my bedtime snack yesterday, and slept well.  Also not much pain at naptime despite having sat at the computer all morning, but just before coming in here, I played a few solitaire games while sitting in Dave's computer chair and froze my hip up good.  Seems to be working out, and it didn't bother me while I was carrying dirt from Brent's sand pile to the asparagus bed this afternoon.  I'm getting significant amounts of sand with the dirt, but I think that's all to the good, as the dirt is a bit heavy.

More exercise than planned yesterday.  I chose to begin the day by fetching my pills and some food from Owen's.  Went to pay for the pills, discovered I'd left my debit card and my certificate of human status in the pocket wallet after church, neither of my credit cards had been activated, and I hadn't stopped at the teller machine to get more cash.  (Passed it four times and didn't remember once!)  I'm glad I got the pills first — putting a bunch of frozen food aside until I got back wouldn't have worked very well.

The first three 1.6-mile trips took eleven minutes each.  Rounding to a mile and a half in ten minutes, that's nine miles per hour — and the first trip I wasn't hurrying any.  On the last trip home, I meandered through Heritage Trail, partly because the light at The Entrance was red when I approached and getting onto the sidewalk was easy.

I sat down here intending to clear out the little slips of paper I've been picking up off the floor for at least a week, then saw a wad magnetted to the printer stand and decided to do them first.  I don't expect to find anything to transcribe:  the one on top is from last year.

Wastebasket at the ready:
Fri 2 Feb 2017 "Ace, Owen"
Thur 30 Jan 2018: appears to be to Aldi
Wed 24 Jan 2018: 10:45 - 12:15
Tue 9 Jan 2017
Sat 21 Oct 2017 "Hop Lore"
Wed 18 Oct 2017 "Taco"
Wed 30 Aug 2017 "Eye Doc"
Sat 26 Aug 2017 14:41 - 18:39 Pierceton Days
Sat 26 Aug 2017 09:22 - 11:30 Farmer's Markets

Now the ones that have been fluttering around:
Sat 10 Feb 2018:  Appears to have been a dump tour with a side trip to the library.
Tuesday 20 March 2018:  there is an entry for this date.
Thur 22 March 2018, 12:57 - 15:18.  Appears to have been a doctor's appointment.
Cat-blanket size, with a menu for a church meal on the back.  I think May 6th was the date of the meal, not the date of the note.
Saturday, 9 June 2018:— Farmers' markets.

I ought to make those lists instead of separating items with breaks, but I can't be bothered.  Last flutter note is undated, notes that Sunday Lane has been re-paved.  [That was nice for pushing my walker, but the sidewalks on the route I chose to go back by were dreadful.]  Also notes that the walker made me walk faster than usual and I got out of breath.  On the back is a note that there is a picnic on September 12 and chile in October.

Now for the notes still in my notebook:

I think I'll put them in their proper places.  First one is 5 May.  Ah, covered in the entry for 11 May, and so is 8 May.  Next is 11 May, which I covered while I could still remember what I did.

17 May:— transcribed and green- struck.  I was puzzled that it hadn't been thrown out until I noticed that there was a note of an event that took place yesterday on the back.

24 May:— I wrote an entry before I left; will expand it.

Only three slips left, but I'm tired.


14 June 2018

I'll check those last three slips now, so that I'll have a clean notebook for tomorrow's ride to Leesburg.

Thursday, 31 May 2018:— covered in the Beeson Banner for that date.

Saturday 2 June 2018:— routine trip to the farmers' markets.  Looks as though I came home by way of Chinworth Trail and Crystal Lake Road.

Monday 4 June 2018:— bread, milk, and egg run after supper.


Friday 15 June 2018

Chicken Cordon Blue, 28.2 miles, 7.5 hours, more or less.

I was surprisingly un-tired upon return (though perhaps I wasn't quite alert when crossing 30), but in dire need of a shower — mostly because I got into some poison ivy while crossing 30, but I was sweaty enough that undressing into the washing machine would have been appropriate anyway.


Monday 18 June 2018

I forgot to stairclimb and pushuplet yesterday, but I walked to The Hillside before going home.

I went to the Farmers' Markets on Saturday, and came back by the Beyer Farm Trail.

Stopped typing and did a set of pushuplets.


Saturday, 23 June 2018

Got up very sore, was in pain during my nap but not enough that I didn't sleep, felt a couple of twinges while entering Ace's parking lot.  That makes three twinges I've felt while riding, which worries me a lot.  I've become accustomed to the bike and the bicycle-shaped object freeing me from being crippled.

Planned to come back from the farmer's markets by way of Sprawlmart, but upon leaving the first market, I realized that I wasn't having any fun and turned toward home.  Stopped at Zale's (with a pause in front of Ace to read my shopping list) and shopped at Owen's.  When I came out of Owen's, it was warmer and dryer and brighter and I wished that I'd at least gone downtown.  But we shouldn't eat more crack candy and if I'd gone, I'd have eaten some.  On the other hand, vegetables have started to come in.  I bought a daikon radish at the fairgrounds market, and just ate a few of the leaves fried in bacon grease and tossed with used-to-pickle-an-egg brine.  Needed more zip, and next time I'll fry the midribs for a while before putting the blades in.  Also bought a bag of flavor-free radishes at Owen's.

Says on the notes that I'm clearing out of my notebook that I meet two bikes on the Beyer Farm Trail last Saturday.  I felt so good about riding normally on the day after a long trip!— Also says that I bought $2 worth of crack candy (Saltines coated with chocolate on one side and toffee on the other) at the downtown farmers' market.


25 June 2018

Limped around some in the morning yesterday, so I rode the Trek to church.  I must be a sight on a bicycle-shaped object in my long dress and wide-brimmed straw hat!  Despite conscientious fidgeting, I was quite sore after the service, and limping badly enough to be very grateful that I'd ridden the Trek, but I loosened up quickly, and trotted all over the church for half an hour before leaving.

I climbed the prayer-room stairs (Club 56 was blocked by a display that I did not yet feel frisky enough to step over), did two dozen pushuplets, checked the prayer room to see whether the cushions need attention (I still have the left-over fabric from making them), saw that it was being used as a staging area for a massive clean-up of the attic.  Also saw that someone had found and ironed the banners, which I was told had been dumped into a box and rumpled, and draped them over a pew to keep them flat.  Presumably there will be a place in the attic to hang them when the clean-up is completed.

So I went down two flights to the kitchen to get paper to leave a note saying that I am responsible for repairing any that were damaged, after leaving the note I thought that as long as I was up there I might as well do another dozen pushuplets, absent-mindedly counted to thirty.

I rode around in Grace Campus for a while before taking the Heritage Trail home.  Met a cyclist coming out, and he overtook me on his way back.  Was headed for Miller Field when last seen.  Next Sunday, I must go to Miller Field and look around.

Weather Underground says Thursday through Sunday will be fairly decent.

Today I hung out one load of wash and hauled two wheelbarrows of dirt.  Spilled the second, nagged Dave about the new wheelbarrow he is researching.


26 June 2018

I hope I can remain seated long enough to write this up.  Yesterday evening I sat in Dave's chair long enough to play at least three computer card games, and got so sore that I couldn't sit in my own chair, so I went out and did some more garden work, including hauling another wheelbarrow of dirt.

Before bed, I scrubbed my feet in the sink, and that made it painless to get into bed, but I hadn't been lying quietly very long before my leg said that it wanted to lie on the pillows, but don't roll over to get there.

It hurt to get up at two, and when I got up to take Levothyroxin at four, I needed the walker to get to it.  (But the walker wasn't a necessity on the way back.)— Not too much pain getting out of bed in the morning, and only a little cripping around, but not too long after sitting down to read the e-paper archives (the current issue isn't available, but I'm always behind anyhow) I got the urge to get out of that chair and do a little gardening, but when I went into the bedroom I saw that it was sunny and bright, so I changed into knickers and dashed to Owen's and back on the Fuji.  It was threatening before I left, and started raining not terribly long after I got back.

And now it's time for lunch.  I have potatoes in left-over duck soup in progress. /p>

I took a few laps on the Trek, two of them for the purpose of testing modifications I'd made to my bike knickers.  No gardening except for pulling a little grass out of the railroad tie.

Took one aspirin at eleven.  I'll be getting to bed about one in the morning.


28 June 2018

Dump Tour, about 15 miles in five hours.


6 July 2018

Too much to write about because I've been busy doing it.  Went to the Beyer Building for X-rays yesterday; I presume that I won't hear from Darr until Monday because the X-ray guy has to see them before they are forwarded.

This morning, in a startling change, I got out of bed quite comfortably, but got sore walking only a little.  That soon stabilized, however.

Later in the day I got out of a chair sore and walked it off in the familiar manner.

Did my eight exercises yesterday evening, and even got up for #7 before getting back on the floor for #8.

I've been having a good deal of pain in my left knee, which I think was covered by the sciatica before I took the prednisone.  Laying a hot rice bag on it helps a lot.

I took an aspirin tablet with a glass of milk at eleven, but didn't get to sleep until after it would have worn off.  Don't know whether to forget about aspirin or double the dose.


8 July 2018

Tried Acetaminophene the following night.  Last night I took nothing, and slept well.

My left knee still hurts, but isn't bothering me at the moment.  Feels good to lay a warm hand on it.  The other knee likes a little heat too.

I did my prescribed exercises before dressing for church this morning.  Evening would be better for effect, I think, but morning is much better for actually getting it done.  I rode the flatfoot, but walked around in the church a lot, and climbed both staircases.

When prayer time began, I got up and moved to the back of the church so that I could do some major-league fidgetting without annoying anyone but the pastor, but the very short walk pretty much took care of it.  There is much more room for fidgetting in front of the back pew, so I think I should sit there from now on.

Got a little variety in the ride back by looking for the Kings Highway end of the walkway that leads to the Heritage Trail.  I need to find a longer way to get to Grace Campus.  I looped back on Boys City Drive and did the ride along the creek a second time.

Didn't sleep at all at naptime, and got up early.  I pushed the cultivator around and pulled a very few weeds after dressing and fooling around a while, and mined half a wheelbarrow of dirt to dump on the volunteer potato.  Also put one shovel of sand on the planted potatoes.

It's past time to start 2018BLOG2.HTM, but I think I'll empty the folder of notes first.

First the most recent:— I wandered all over Warsaw from 10:21 to 12:03 yesterday.  Three garage sales made it into my notes; there may have been more.  I was nearly downtown before I remembered that I was on my way to the fairground and turned back.  After the second market and a pit stop at Owen's West, I looped around to see the new "boutique" — not worth visiting, but now I know that for myself.  Then I went back to Owen's for a WooHoo container of pasta salad I had noticed on the first trip, then I eschewed the salad in favor of a not-very-good Submarine.  Gory details of visit to Subway are commented out of yesterday's entry in the Beeson Banner.

While downtown, I noticed a poster for the Tour des Lakes — it's this coming Saturday.  Never mind whether I'm up to it physically, one week isn't enough time to work up to wanting to go.


Thursday, 28 June 2018, extended Dump Tour, 10:43–after15:54

Finally remembered that "ANC" between the emergency room and Goodwill meant "Anchorage" — I stopped from 11:39 to not recorded but I got to Goodwill at 11:48 so it couldn't have been long to look at the blocked railroad crossing.  Conversed with one of the workers.

Panda Express again.  One of the new places was crowded, and I couldn't read the menu at the other.  Took twenty-seven minutes to ride from Aldi to Big R.  Eight minutes to Sweet Corn Charlie's, where I spent eight minutes eating a not-very-good peach.  Left SCC at 15:54, didn't note when I got home.


Saturday, 30 June 2018, Farmers' Markets, 10:12–12:00

Felt some twinges on the way from the fairgrounds market to the downtown market.  Haven't felt anything while pedalling since, knock wood.

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